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A dram for drinking, a cask for investing:

Stockton Hong Kong partners with rare whisky cask specialist ‘Rare Finds Worldwide’

HONG KONG – Whisky brokerage Rare Finds Worldwide has officially partnered with Stockton Hong Kong, one of the best whisky bars in Asia (Number 8), in bringing an all-new luxe experience for Scotch whisky drinkers, investors and collectors.

A fusion of 18th century London luxe and rare Scotch, this collaboration sets a unique, elegant tone and ambience for ‘whisky talk.’ Whisky tastings, seminars and meetings highlighting whisky casks as one of the most lucrative luxury asset classes will be hosted by Rare Finds Worldwide in Stockton. The speakeasy’s interiors and vibe reminiscent of the halcyon days of 1890s London will complement the inherent sophistication and luxuriousness of whisky investment.

“Rare whisky is akin to a piece of history taken out of its era. Coupled with Stockton’s evocative atmosphere and esteemed clientele, it makes our partnership the perfect blend. Aged throughout the years, whisky is a tale of character, notes and passion all blended in a cask. We turn whisky investment into a personal journey – from cask selection and storage to bottling, our clients are highly involved in the process,” said Freeman Ho, Whisky Specialist at Rare Finds Worldwide.

Alongside the partnership, Rare Finds Worldwide and Stockton will also be offering lockers for collectors that wish to store their bottles for consumption. Locker holders will receive benefits and exclusive deals with partner global organisations including potential discounts on casks and bottles.

Rare Finds Worldwide remains at the forefront of whisky investment as rare whisky joins the list of most sought-after luxury assets among art, cars and fine wines. The Wealth Report 2020 shows the whisky asset class overtaking classic cars on the Luxury Investment Index with a growth of 564% over the past decade. With its expertise in ultra-premium cask procurement from top-tier distilleries, the brokerage offers exclusive access to some of the oldest and most prestigious single malts in the market. It provides investors and collectors the opportunity to diversify their portfolio or further grow their whisky collection.

“We have seen an increase in demand for asset-backed investments, and rare whisky is a strong-growth asset class that has the strength to weather market volatility. Stockton is the perfect venue for our cask investment seminars and our upcoming VIP whisky membership, perfectly reflecting the sophistication of this asset class which is fast becoming ‘Liquid Gold’,” said Murray Holdgate, Director of Rare Finds Worldwide.

“As a bar that has over 150 different whiskies on offer, having customers consider whisky as an investment in Stockton is a new and exciting experience. We see a flavourful journey ahead as our partnership with Rare Finds Worldwide comes into fruition,” said Suraj Gurung of Stockton Hong Kong.

Rare Finds Worldwide will also display ultra-rare Scotch whisky at Stockton, elevating the immersive experiences the bar is well-known for in terms of whisky. The selection of bottles will feature iconic distilleries such as Macallan, Dalmore and Bowmore collections available for purchase. For more information on rare whisky investment or for a consultation with Rare Finds’ alternative asset specialists, visit or get in touch at

About Rare Finds Worldwide

Rare Finds Worldwide is a tailored whisky brokerage that offers collectors and investors the opportunity to increase wealth with rare Single Malt Scotch Whisky. We offer our private client’s exclusive access to some of the oldest and most prestigious single malts in the world as well as taking advantage of ultra – premium cask procurement from Tier 1 distilleries such as Macallan, Dalmore and Bowmore to name a select few. Our team comprises of experienced investment banking professionals and alternative investment specialists, whose passion for whisky has evolved into a consultancy that focuses on delivering only best in class product, with authentic provenance to our family of whisky investors and collectors.

About Stockton Hong Kong

Stockton is a hidden cocktail bar and restaurant that pays tribute to a time of unspoiled indulgence. With only the best libations and a menu of decadent delights, Stockton is an immersive experience in the halcyon days of 1890s London. It has gained recognition as one of the best bars in Asia.