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As a bespoke whisky collection specialist, Rare Finds Worldwide helps collectors and investors grow their wealth with rare Scottish single malt whisky cask investment.

Rare Finds Worldwide remains at the forefront of whisky cask investment

With a team of seasoned experts and cutting-edge technology, Rare Finds Worldwide is at the centre of rare Scotch whisky trading. Relationships with brands, clients, and suppliers position us to supply the rarest and most well-priced stock in the industry to our large and growing client base. We also pride ourselves on solid exit strategies; we source casks of almost every brand and age to suit our clients’ needs and advise on the best-performing brands of any given month. Based in Hong Kong, Rare Finds Worldwide sources, trades, invests, and monitors the world of whisky cask trading, helping clients achieve their investment goals through our ecosystem. With our expert guidance, our clients have built profitable cask collections.

Trusted by traditional and alternative investors

Scotch is the most regulated and monitored whisky category in the industry, making it the safest and most attractive investment. Our clients include both traditional and alternative investors who have followed our expert suggestions to unlock remarkable gains by investing in Scotch. With an average annual return even on young casks of over 15%, our clients have experienced the benefits of this fast-growing alternative asset class.

We turn whisky investment into a personal journey

From cask selection and storage to bottling, our clients are highly involved in the process with Rare Finds Worldwide. Our experts tailor their services to meet our clients’ investment level, needs, and timeline to help them build their collection and maximise their capital gains.

Based on Scotch whisky regulations, casks are held at our HMRC government-bonded warehouse. Our clients have had fantastic experiences visiting their casks and touring the bonded warehouse. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Meet Our Brokers

Josh Henderson

Portfolio Manager

Josh Henderson is our very own Scottish born and raised Whisky broker. Having grown up around Scottish single malt his whole life due to his family being investors and collectors he built up an extensive amount of knowledge regarding the market, history and heritage of the most popular Scottish single malt distilleries in the world. Josh values his clients ability to understand the market and why they should purchase each cask they are adding to their portfolio so you can expect great detail from Josh when working with him. Along side working for Rare Finds Worldwide, Josh is also a professional rugby player and has played all across the globe, building up an impressive network.

Sarah-Marie Lin

Portfolio Manager

Sarah-Marie is a seasoned broker at Rare Finds Worldwide, being seen as the trusted and go-to person offering private collectors and high net worth investors an alternative investment strategy to access the profit-making experiences in whisky cask business.
Her extensive market knowledge in Scotch Whisky casks allows her to offer first-time buyers / private collectors advise on global prices, and comparison and the best selection that fits the needs of each client portfolio.
More than 50% of Sarah-Marie’s business is based on referrals from existing clients. The most important part of being a whisky broker to Sarah-Marie is providing an excellent service on advice to buyers, sellers and bottlers. This has given her clients complete trust in her to continue building their whisky cask collections.

Nicholas Botterill Tomkinson

Portfolio Manager

Nicholas brings a vast wealth of whisky knowledge from nearly 20 years in the hospitality industry across the globe, where he has managed everything from private members clubs to restaurant groups. Recognizing the increasing popularity of whisky as an alternative investment, he saw an opportunity to combine his passion for this exquisite spirit with his financial acumen.

Through extensive research, hands-on experience, and a network of industry professionals, he developed a keen eye for identifying casks with the potential for exceptional returns. he honed his ability to evaluate the quality, rarity, age, and distillery reputation of each cask, carefully considering factors such as cask type, maturation period, and the influence of terroir. This expertise allows him to curate portfolios that not only showcase the rich diversity of whiskies but also offer a sound investment proposition.

He brings a unique perspective to the table. By leveraging his extensive whisky knowledge, he offers a fresh approach that intertwines the hedonistic pleasure of whisky appreciation with the potential for long-term financial growth.

Sophie Foxall

Portfolio Manager

Sophie has spent the last decade working in relationship-management roles across the globe. Having returned to her hometown of Hong Kong several years ago to work with some of Asia’s top beverage distribution outfits, she is now a trusted and reliable member of the Rare Finds Worldwide broker team. Sophie has developed an extensive knowledge of Scottish whisky and the whisky market, one which she communicates clearly and coherently to her clients. With the clients’ goals always at the forefront of her process, Sophie ensures an enjoyable and rewarding journey for everyone involved in the investment process.


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