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Published on CityWire

While art and fine wine have been articulated as investments for a long time, an up-and-coming alternative has grown leaps and bounds to rival even the most expensive wines.

Beyond an opulent lifestyle, whisky has turned into a new outlet for investors. Rare Finds Worldwide has announced the launch of its Rare Single Malts fund that will begin capital raising in Hong Kong. “The Scotch whisky market, which has always been self-sufficient and in high-demand, is being boosted further by growing Asia demand. We see no signs of this demand abating any time soon,” said Freeman Ho, whisky specialist at Rare Finds Worldwide.

The fund boasts investors that are avid collectors and general whisky lovers from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe. On the other hand, the fund is also attracting investors that do not consume alcohol. This group of investors instead see the investment potential of the asset.

“It is important to understand that we are a finance company looking at whisky as an asset class, not a whisky company trying to play finance,” Murray Holdgate, General Partner at the Fund, told Citywire Asia.

The fund will take advantage of undervalued casks, collections and bottles with a buy-to-hold strategy.

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